April 8, 2016
April 9, 2016




Age: 23

Hello, I’m Vanessa, and I am the perfect release after a stressful day. I’m sexy, sensual, and my curves will satisfy your every desire. Your satisfaction is what satisfies me, and you will be satisfied that you chose me.


Vanessa is available for companionship in/around Managua.

Why Candy Shop?
You can always go to the local strip bars or even take a cruise down the streets of Managua and find a girl for $30 or maybe even less, with the risk that she will set you up for a robbery, or worse, have an STD. Or, you can use our safe, fast, and discreet service to find a high-end model to provide you with the services that you want. Our girls are tested regularly, and maintain great health.

We base our system off of work we have done in Germany, and customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

You may pay online and guarantee your reservation with Vanessa or any of our models by clicking here. Vanessa may not always be available, so securing a payment through our online ordering system is preferred, and ensures earliest availability for your enjoyment. You may also book via telephone by calling +505 8106 7974

Any extension of service shall be negotiated with the model as she sees fit. It is up to the discretion of the model what she will charge for extra services like threesomes, fetishes, etc. Base price is for the time you wish to have with the company of the model.